Advantages of the Private We Mean Fitness Studio Gym (located in Orleans):

  • Well equipped and maintained gym in a clean, spacious and air conditioned environment.

  • No waiting for equipment unlike large gyms, as sessions are by appointment only.

  • The We Mean Fitness trainer provides the focus you need to help you achieve your goals. This also goes along way towards safety - to date, we can claim a zero accident rating.

  • Your workouts are tailored for you and you only! The concept of Individuality and Specificity work towards your fitness level and goals.

  • Of course, one of the tricks to staying fit, life long, is to keep things fresh - so we tailor your workouts to be different and this helps your body stay appropriately challenged,  becoming stronger and leaner over time.

  • We Mean Fitness trainers are Professional Trainers who have the certifications and experience to help you reach your goals - we train people, because we love seeing you achieve things you might not have previously thought possible. Try us out, you will not be disappointed!
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Personal Training with We Mean Fitness
(One on One Tutoring For Personal Trainers/Candidates Also Available)

Firstly, it's not only sedentary individuals that benefit from working with a personal trainer, virtually anyone can benefit e.g., weekend warriors to professional athletes. We Mean Fitness trainers can train you at our Studio Gym in Orleans or have us come to you (we bring the necessary equipment). There are of course many reasons why you might consider getting a good personal trainer, some of which are:

  • Healthy Weight Loss (or Gain)

  • General Fitness Improvement

  • Improved Body Tone

  • Improved Flexibility

  • Helping Prevent Osteoarthritis

  • Improved Cardiovascular System

  • Learning Proper Resistance Training Techniques

  • Post Rehab Injury Strengthening (e.g., The Back)

  • Sport Specific Improvement, e.g., Tennis, Triathlon; Martial Arts; Soccer etc.

Healthy living is not a difficult thing to do, but as the body reverts to habit when put under stress, it is important to learn good habits from a good plan. As we accumulate bad habits over the years, it becomes more and more difficult for many to lose weight and in general, improve their level of fitness (no matter what your level of fitness is). Our concept of training is covered in an approach we've coined as "REAL" ™. 

"R" stands for setting Realistic goals. If the goals are too far out of reach, you will only become discouraged.

"E" stands for Enjoyable. If your training program is not enjoyable, it's going to be tougher to stay with it.

"A" stands for Accountable. Once realistic goals are defined, empowering the client to help ensure consistency of effort,  will help goals to be met.

"L" stands for Lasting results. Again, once the appropriate plan is put together, it needs to be structured to allow you to continue it, for lasting results.
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NOTE: before starting any type of exercise or training program, please consult your doctor or other health care professional to verify you are ready to undertake such a program.
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