We Mean Fitness's own, Mike Kelly, has been a "PRO TRAINER" for canfitpro (Canada's Leading Health & Fitness Training Company), for over 10 years and has for that time, been delivering their Personal Trainer Specialist Certification program here in Ottawa. In that time, Mike has trained and /or certified hundreds of new Personal Trainers - this is truly rewarding, as Mike has been able to pass on his passion for fitness to Personal Trainers, who by extension, are now passing on a similar passion to hundreds of individual clients. Assisting Mike in course delivery and exam issuance is Beth Thornton (see below).

The course is challenging, but very rewarding as well. Certification as a Personal Trainer provides a great entry point into the world of fitness and thus allowing one to help others achieve improved well being. Having canfitpro certification is also highly regarded across Canada. I've posted an outline of the course herein, along with a few comments by prior students of the program. For a complete course description, pricing, schedules & registration etc., please click on the canfitpro logo or PTS banner on this page and then once on that page, scroll down to search out "Mike Kelly"  to find the sessions Mike is running (see up coming courses at the bottom of this page).

Student Comments:

"I undertook my personal trainer education with Mike through Canfit Pro. I was impressed with his knowledge of physical conditioning & his ability as an instructor & motivator in the field of personal training. He understands that a good trainer has to work with the whole person, mind & body & he is adept at imparting this knowledge to those of us entering the field.
Mike is passionate about fitness & I would highly recommend him for his professionalism, knowledge & enthusiasm as an fitness instructor to anyone wishing to improve their personal conditioning or wishing to enter the personal training field.

Renaud Bujold"

Even with a background in kinesiology, I found this class extremely informative... (Mike Kelly) had an incredible amount of knowledge...would be impossible not to learn anything new!

"Very Knowledgeable, very organized"

"Very experienced and knowledgeable! Personable, not intimidating."

"Very pleased with Mike. His experience in so many areas was extremely helpful."

"Mike did an outstanding job at teaching the course"

"Mike was excellent, very clear; gave real life examples; made course material relevant to personal training; answered all questions we asked"

Course Outline:

Personal Training is a fast growing industry!

Personal Training is a relatively new profession, and because of its rapid growth, it is difficult to find a quality course to become qualified to train individuals. Can-Fit-Pro provides the answer with the Personal Trainer Specialist course and exam. You will learn the skills needed to train a client with no special health concerns. A canfitpro certified PTS is qualified to evaluate, design and monitor individual and small group training programs in a health club, home, and workplace setting.

The Personal Trainer Specialist Course

This is a comprehensive 25-hour course that will increase your knowledge and confidence level to train clients in a one-on-one or small group (2-3 people) setting.

Topics include

Aspects of fitness, wellness and basic training principles
Fitness theory: skeletal, muscular, neurological, cardiovascular and pulmonary systems
Components of a workout from warm-up, cardiovascular and resistance training to cool-down
Kinesiology/anatomy in action; and bio energetics
Special populations, back care and injuries
Postural Analysis; Movement within various planes; and Fitness Assessments
Business skills for success as a personal trainer

The Personal Trainer Specialist Course Manual

canfitpro has worked with Canada's most qualified Personal Trainers and Fitness Experts to develop an excellent manual to be used for the Personal Trainer Specialist course and exam. Complete with informative diagrams and charts, the manual is a comprehensive yet manageable amount of information that is written in an easy to understand format.

The Personal Trainer Specialist Exam

Those who choose the option to progress and become a certified Personal Trainer Specialist will complete a 3 hour Theory Exam and then at a later date, a Practical exam (photo ID must be shown for each exam). These two components assess the candidate's knowledge, counseling skills, and practical application of fitness theory to train clients. The theory exam consists of 100 multiple choice questions, plus a written client case study (an 80% minimum passing grade is required). The Practical exam involves a case study program whereby the candidate develops the training program and includes a live gym session with a client - all that is evaluated by your PRO Trainer (again an 80% minimum passing grade is required). A valid CPR certification is also required before PTS certification is granted.

A Certified Personal Trainer Specialist Provides:

An effective workout based on the needs of each individual client
Correct demonstration and education in exercise technique
A safe, healthy and enjoyable client exercise environment
Client encouragement to pursue a happy and balanced lifestyle
Client communication that is genuine, honest and professional
Support and encouragement for all exercisers

Up Coming Courses / Exams
(each course is 25 hours minimum in length and typically run over two Thursdays evenings, along with two Saturdays, spread over 2 weeks). Thursday segments run evenings from 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm AND the two (2) Saturdays from 8:30: am - 6:00 pm (Saturday mornings are spent in the Gym i.e., ~8 - 9 hours in the gym). Both Exams are in addition to the actual course time and are discussed in depth, during the actual course to help students prepare.

  • Starting January 26th, 2017 in Orleans (associated Theory Exam February 25th 2017)

  • Starting March 23rd, 2017 in Orleans (associated Theory Exam April 22nd, 2017)

  • Starting June 1st, 2017 in Orleans (associated Theory Exam July 8th, 2017)

  • Starting September 21st, 2017 in Orleans (associated Theory Exam October 21st, 2017)

NOTE: Tutoring Sessions Are Also Available From Mike Kelly

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