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More About How BodyMetrix Works

The BodyMetrix works using ultrasound. Ultrasound waves
penetrate tissue and reflections occur at different tissue
boundaries. For example, fat-muscle and muscle-bone
create strong ultrasound reflections.

BodyMetrix detects the true fat thickness at multiple
measurement points allowing an accurate body fat % to
be determined. NOTE: Measurements aren’t affected by
caffeine intake, hydration, air in lungs or level of exercise
level, aiding in consistent results.

“I have been doing body composition for
30 years and the BodyMetrix System is the
most accurate, reliable and easiest method
I have ever used.”

Dr. Holden MacRae
Professor of Sports Science
Pepperdine University
Ultrasound may sound intimidating, but if you’ve ever heard an echo you’re a long way to understanding the graph and how the BodyMetrix System uses ultrasound to measure tissue thickness. You hear an echo when sound travels through air and reflects from a wall or mountain and comes back to your ear. If you time how long it takes for you to hear the echo you can calculate how far away the reflecting object is. The BodyMetrix System generates an ultrasound signal that travels through tissue and then records the reflected signal.

Continuing the echo analogy, the BodyMetrix device plays the role of your mouth and your ear. Ultrasound waves travel in tissue and strong reflections occur at the boundary of different tissue types, for example, fat-muscle and muscle-bone.



Package Includes

Measure BF%

Track Fat Loss & Muscle Gain

Calculate BMR

Track Circumference Measurements & WHR

Photo Gallery

Relative Disease Risk

Demo Mode

Report Customization & Emailing

Software Customization

Number of Profiles


Computer Capabilities


Fitness Clubs, Medical Practitioners,
Personal Trainers, Sports Teams,
Universities etc.

Hand-held, USB Device, 2.5 MHz Ultrasound,
Premium  Plastic Housing, Premium
USB Cable, & Protective Clear Coat

Aluminum carry case

Device, (2) Gels, Tape Measure, User’s
Guide, & Software











Training Video & User’s Guide Included
(No Charge Live Web Training Session Included)

Windows & Mac

1-Year Limited

To Purchase Please Contact Us
BodyMetrix Pro
“What a great lead generating, closing, and selling larger packages tool! Within the first 30 days of owning this system it generated 40 leads, helped me close new sales, and helped me easily sell three 12 month packages! This system really convinces prospects that they need serious help by professionally & objectively presenting the problem, outlining a long term goal, and then I effectively offer my services as the solution. Not only does it provide an array of great information at your fingertips but it’s an unbelievable marketing tool! Not only has the BodyMetrix paid for itself already but continues to generate even more $$$ in so many ways. This system ROCKS!”

BodyMetrix paid for itself!

Mark Hill
Owner of Lifestyle Fitness in Tempe, AZ
“We have had a great response to the BodyMetrix System. We initially used it to enhance our Paleo Challenge and keep the body fat testing in house. We could charge more for the challenge and provide greater service to our students by providing them with a more accurate picture of what's going on. We had them test at the beginning, the mid point and at the end. The most significant was the half way point because we were able to give them recommendations and make modifications to their nutrition and training if we saw they were not on track.

We are now launching it as an individual service to our students as well as non-students and it is being very well received.  We have a new revenue stream and way of creating new business as non-students get exposed to our box when they come to do the test.

The system paid for itself from the Paleo Challenge and now each use is profitable. The system is easy to use. Overall is highly functional, is user friendly and provides a lot of information. I highly recommend it."

Tiffany Divelbiss
Crossfit Scottsdale
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“I really appreciate the quick response time
and personal service you have provided me.
As for my evaluation of the product and ease
of use - it is great.  The instruction video was
very clear and easy to understand. The assessments
and graphs are very helpful and easy to understand.
The actual Bodymetrix device is very easy and
simple to use.  I'm really looking forward to using this
tool as an another  way of tracking my progress. 

Thanks again for all your help in getting me started! “

C. Pearce
Vancouver, BC

BodyMetrix Body Metrix BX2000 BX 2000 Canadian Distributor
"BodyMetrix... an outstanding option and my default choice."

Author, Tim Ferriss.
“Mike Kelly of We Mean Fitness has provided me with what is unquestionably the best customer service that I have ever experienced upon purchasing a product. He patiently answered all of my questions regarding the techniques and accuracy.

I am extremely satisfied as a trainer to have a tool to measure REAL progress of myself and my clients a tool that combined with scale weight gives a true picture of what's going on with my clients' body composition as their weight goes up or down. People are often concerned to be losing muscle while on a fat reduction program, or gaining fat while trying to gain muscle. Bodymetrix allows me to say with confidence how much of the weight change was fat and how much was muscle.

I would also add to say that a warranty issue with the unit was resolved quickly and at no cost to myself. It took less than a week for me to receive the unit back in perfect condition, good as new! Mike Kelly and WeMeanFitness, and also Bodymetrix were extremely fast and professional in getting the repair done and making me able to continue providing this service to my clients.

Thank you Mike Kelly and Bodymetrix for amazing customer service and this amazingly accurate device, that I would recommend to all my fellow trainers who are trying to provide a TRUE measurement of progress to their clients!"


I. Bugarinovic, Trainer
Vancouver, BC
“Our Health and Fitness staff was excited at the arrival of the BodyMetrix system as we knew it would be a much more advanced way to check body
fat and body composition than the hand held measurement device we were currently using. Although we thought it may have been a complicated procedure due to the "high-tech" nature of the device, we were quick to discover that is was actually very user friendly. After reviewing the manual
and procedure and running a few practice trials with our staff, we felt very comfortable and confident in performing the procedure on actual members/clients in our facility.

It was great to see that BodyMetrix is able to analyze muscle density and also give a much more accurate body fat percentage reading than other techniques used in the past. People with large and lean muscle were continually coming to us for measurements regarding their body fat and BMI
and getting frustrated at their skewed performance results. We know have a great system with BodyMetrix where a person's height will no longer negatively affect their performance scores. Other tools the device provides such as the Base Metabolic Rate are also extremely helpful in
discussing caloric intake/burn with clients which allows us to better prepare them with a nutrition plan.

We charge a reasonable price of $35 for one trial with BodyMetrix, or a package of 3 trials for $75. Clients who sign up for the system are making
a wise investment in themselves as they will receive top of the line analysis results which can help them build a more efficient workout plan for the

We look forward to seeing new members progress in the future with the help of BodyMetrix!"

Paul Skuza
Health, Fitness, and Recreation Programs Specialist
YMCA of Greater Toronto - Central Branch

”I've been using the body metric system as a compliment to my training for the 2012 cycling season. Knowing what body fat% levels are optimum in my profession and then having a tool like the BodyMetrix that accurately reflects body fat%, makes it so much more effective than simply standing on a scale. Even more specific, the Bodymetrix can show me various muscle and fat density levels in my body, which allows me to work on better muscular balance – this not something one can do with a pair of calipers!  I recently competed in the Joe Martin Stage Race in Arkansas. I never thought I'd be able to climb like I am able to now. Using the BodyMetrix system has opened up the door to so many more winning opportunities that I never thought possible.”

Josh Gillingham
Elite Cycling Team Member
ISCorp Cycling Team
“Purchasing the Professional BodyMetrix system for my practice has given me a cutting edge advantage to help patients set tangible goals for their health and well-being. My buying experience was extremely positive and the support for using the system has been great. The system itself is easy to use and provides immediate test results for the patient. I look forward to using the BodyMetrix in my practice for years to come".

Dr. Lisa Keen, ND

WMF is an Exclusive Distributor
for Intelametrix Products